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Mike Fisher - Managing Director

I like the SEO-Tool-Store.  I just had to use the language of my business.  What my clients say and ask for.  Rick Stanson

World class solution

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Free SEO Tools

Business Promotion OnlineThese free agregated SEO tools will give you a new insight into your reach across the web.
Use these tools in combination with the SEO-Tool-Store.com tools to bolster those areas your site that need exposure to buyers.

-Find out what your reach is on Twitter

Find and connect to new contacts.  Lead generation.  Learn the demographics of your followers.

Social Mention
Find out who is talking to you across the universe.

Domain Hunter Plus
Link checker plus to check for broken links but also find relevant links.  Google likes that.

Chrome Add on for social site metrics.

Strategy Generator Tool
Google spreadsheet with built-in macros to reveal information about blog posts.

Export Twitter Followers
Using a Google Doc export your Twitter followers using the Twitter API.  Check your data.

Find other relevant websites for backlinks.  Simply type in a URL.

Look for the opportunity to Guest Blog.  Get your brand out on blogs with your commentary


Tutorials on Content Marketing and SEO

This Fall- October -When the weather gets cold this year and leaves begin to fall. 

SIGN UP here for a series of tutorials helping small business owners.
No Fee, Registration Required.

A combination of videos and short paragraphs of instruction when necessary,  a small business owner will feel confident incorporating time proven White Hat SEO tactics into their business model.  There are many magazines who scream SEO is dead.  They are really saying Black Hat SEO is dead.  The search engines have enough resources to develop the internal watchdog, a new alogrithm to eliminate most of the ways to game the system.  White Hat, Black Hat?  Learn the difference. Play it safe in the realm of search engine selective editing or watch your site sink.  Learn how to distribute your content using inexpensive tools and services.  What to use and when to do it.  What is content for your business?  How to create it?  Where to put it.
Learn the difference.  We'll end the series with a Hangout Q & A Session on Google +

See you in October.  Sign up here.

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Mike Fisher possesses a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of SEO, his recommendations are effective and practical. Our web site’s presence increased dramatically since we began working together.
Spencer Vidulich, O.D.


We are SEO business promotion tools, that take the mystery out of SEO.  Form driven, use the language of your industry.  
Take simple steps to promote information about your company.

The SEO-Tool-Store.com is all about distributing your content, web address, and business name across the internet through Articles, videos, Directory submissions, social bookmarking, and creative content. 

Our tools are all about credibility and distribution of your information.

These are SEO practices that search engines like; 

  • Keep your content original
  • Use Images
  • Use Video
  • Post in a Timely Fashion


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